Symmetry Lithium Orotate
Nasal Spray
Bringing Symmetry to Your Life


Health Benefits

Brain Protection: Studies show that Symmetry supports rejuvenation of grey matter by up to three percent.

Anti-Aging Effects: Small amounts have been shown to offer anti-aging effects to the brain. Especially when synergized with the brain antioxidants/nootropics called idebenone and piracetam.

Neuroprotection From Environmental Toxins: the mineral has been shown to protect the brain from numerous excitatory toxins found in soft drinks, junk food, sugars, that entangle in the grey matter of the brain. For more on this please click on the Idebenone.

Mania and Bipolar Support

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that involves episodes of both manic highs and seriously low mood swings with periods of normalcy in between. Manic depression is the third most common mood disorder and is often life threatening. It affects about 1% of adults during their lifetime. Symptoms of manic depression typically begin during adolescence or early adulthood, and continue to recur throughout life. Men, women and children equally susceptible to this disabling illness. Manic depression is often complicated by co-occurring alcohol or substance abuse. Without effective treatment, bipolar illness leads to suicide in nearly 20% of cases.

Lithium is the most effective element used for stabilizing bi-polar mood swings for those with manic (bipolar) depression. Lithium Orotate, a natural Lithium salt of orotic acid, is 20 times more bio-active than other Lithium salts and allows a reduction in dosage as well as the likelihood of potential side effects associated with prescription Lithium. HBC's Symmetry is the first ever homeopathic spray formulation. Synergistically combined with both GABA and Albumin, it is designed to help you instantly achieve therapeutic brain concentrations while supporting balanced brain function, especially during episodes of anxiety, stress, depression.

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